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CommunicatieWijs update

Update for 2014, new design and an extensive update with responsive behavior and total optimalisation of the website. Upgraded from Drupal 6 to the latest release D7 and upgraded the template to be responsive to all screen-sizes. Commissioned by MediaWijs.  

Telefoon-Wereld Brand, Styleguide, online and offline productions

2013 Telefoon-Wereld Logo, Styleguide, online and offline productions, commissioned by – D&R BV. Telefoon-Wereld is an online shop for mobile telefoons and accessoires. We created the logo & brand, online graphics, banners, print work, several site's and minisite's. More to come.

Setify Logo and Style

2013 Setify Logo and Styleguide, commissioned by we created the logo and stylguide for Setify. Setify is a live discover and playlsit service for your favourite music. We created the logo & brand, print work, several site's and minisite's, and app. More to come.

See also Setify.Fm

Communicatie Wijs

2009 CummunicatieWijs, commissioned by MediaWijs we created the new logo and website for CommunicatieWijs. Responsibilities; UI/UX design and Production.

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