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CommunicatieWijs update

Update for 2014, new design and an extensive update with responsive behavior and total optimalisation of the website. Upgraded from Drupal 6 to the latest release D7 and upgraded the template to be responsive to all screen-sizes. Commissioned by MediaWijs.  

Sensation live app

2013 Sesation live, for the Sesation event 'into the wild' we created a simple app which displayed the last tracks from the dj set played live at Sesation 'into the wild' july 6th Asmterdam Arena 

Setify Logo and Style

2013 Setify Logo and Styleguide, commissioned by we created the logo and stylguide for Setify. Setify is a live discover and playlsit service for your favourite music. We created the logo & brand, print work, several site's and minisite's, and app. More to come.

See also Setify.Fm

QAngio-XA application icons, for Medis Medical Imaging

2011, Graphical user interface design for QAngio-XA application, for Medis Medical Imaging. Design of 114 icons in 3 sizes. And the design of aplication image and logo's for QMass MR Enterprice. Design by ReloadMedia (Joris Sewandono).

Mexico Alive

2011 Website design for Mexico Alive Real Estate. Design was done by reloadmedia, production was done inhouse by Mexico Alive.

ING Group HR Intranet

2010 ING international, HR intranet. Redesign if the HR intranet, contains flash and html elements, banner sets witch can be re-used, news letter and a graphic style guide. ReloadMedia was responsible for the design and technical realization of the project; (interaction)design and production.

Communicatie Wijs

2009 CummunicatieWijs, commissioned by MediaWijs we created the new logo and website for CommunicatieWijs. Responsibilities; UI/UX design and Production.

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