We offer a monthly update & maintenance service which includes updates to the installed cms with all the important (security)updates to keep the site running smoothly.

We will also include some hours as a webmaster service to help with the content and design.


Plans per month:

Plan A: 2 hrs maintenance, 2 hrs webmaster  ($110,- usd)

Plan B: 2 hrs maintenance, 2 hrs webmaster, 2hr of seo ($225,- usd)

Plan C: 2 hrs maintenance, 4 hrs webmaster, 4hr of seo ($535,- usd)

Extra hours for webmaster and technical support will be billed at the end of the month on actual costs with an hourly rate of $85,- usd


Please select one of the maintenance plans below and add your project name, reference or website address

Maintenance Plans
Project name