Room012, html5 project

2012 ROOM012, HTML5 magazine, website, webapp. Created in collaboration with Pascalle Koldenhof (content/idea) and Yuri Dokter (PulseMedia). ReloadMedia is responsible for the overall techniek, production and design, develloped in Adobe Edge. (current issue: beta test/vesrion)

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"ROOM012 is an online magazine where the power of the image or the person lies at the heart of each issue. Where the image binds all topics. And where the image can bring you to new thoughts. We created rooms, each with its own content. The content varies from opinionated articles to beauty related topics and politically or environmentally engaged fashion items. And because the image (photo, movie, art) is always the binding element throughout the whole magazine, a divers, pureness and multi-layered ROOM is the result."


"ROOM012 portrays different projects by extraordinary people. These projects can be seen in the various theme rooms. From photographers to writers to “ordinary” people making a change. "


Room012, html5 project
The reception
The Lobby
The Elevator
An example room
An example room with video
An other example room
The fashion room