Updates and Maintenance

Keeping Content and Graphics Up-to-Date

After a project is online and the design and content is as desired it will not stay current all by itself. The more up-to-date your content is, the more quickly it will go out-of-date. And Website technology will continually raise the expectations of your target market, demanding that you stay current as well. Whether you include the costs of maintaining your site upfront are up to you, but be aware that they do exist and you will be facing them. If your organization goes through changes, the information on the Website will need to change to reflect that. Even if your organization doesn't generates much news, you will probably want to rotate the information available in order to keep it interesting to repeat visitors.

As your design firm and web department we already have in-depth knowledge and expertise about your site, products, marketing and clients. We offer a monthly update & maintenance service which includes updates to the installed cms with all the important (security)updates to keep the site running smoothly, with rates starting from $75 usd and up, depending on your needs and the size of the project. The advantage is that you can scale costs to your needs while retaining our high level of expertise. 

We will also include some hours as a webmaster service to help with the content and some basic design and foto retouch.

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